Friday, November 16

Happy Cup

5x7 watercolor

Just a happy little painting for this morning. Water colors are relaxing and fun!

Thursday, November 15


41/2x51/2 acrylic on paper SOLD!

Fun little painting to do this morning. I love to play with acrylics and it is a fun change from oils. This is worked with my fingers!

Tuesday, November 13


24x30 oil on canvas. This is not of course a small. it is a painting I have been working on for the gallery here. Worked on it this morning and thought I would put it up for today's painting! Leffingwell is a gorgeous spot here. I hope I have captured a bit of it's beauty.

Monday, November 12


6x6 I got this cup and saucer years ago, always thought I would paint it sometime. It is made with terra cotta clay and is very old. I love the color.
I have been painting tight lately, I have no clue why, it happens sometimes. I go right back to my beginnings. This morning I decided to get my big brush out and paint and it was very fun!
So, big brushes again ! Yay!

Sunday, November 11


8"x6" Piqueassiette Box ( Piqueassiette , French word for stolen plates)

This is what I do when I have my afternoons free (?). I make boxes and other fun things out of broken plates and other shard pieces I collect. I also make alot of the pieces! I work in clay too. I first make the box out of clay, fire it in my kiln and then embellish it. I have these works in the Chambers Gallery here in Cambria.
This one recently sold and I am making a shameless plea for green!! Tiles. plates, anything green that is broken or chipped and you want to give it a good home!

From time to time I will put a piece on here that I have made to share with you. Since I am not painting today, I will be in the gallery and I thought it would be fun and something different to add it this morning.