Monday, November 7


Hand,wall decor, piqueassiette. 3.5"x7".  Yes, I did say I was going to paint....I tried, I really did. Since then I have made 3 more hearts and this hand!! It's difficult to break away!! My studio is used half for painting and half for clay work and mosaic work and  with all great intensions I end up at the back of my studio adding bits of china to a form laid out! I do have sketches and that far anyway. Tomorrow....there's always tomorrow!SOLD!!


T.Gomez said...

So original and beautiful - gotta do what you love!

susan jenkins said...

Thanks so much Trudy, I wondered about this one and I so appreciate your comment!Yes, we sure have to do what we love!! I LOVE it all!! hahahahaha just not enough time in a day you know? choices hahahaha
xo Susan

dulcy said...

I think this is my most favorite mosaic so far Susan.... although it's hard to beat my little heart with cottage. I should also be painting pastels, but have been drawn to rug hooking lately while a neglected pastel sits on the easel. So glad I dropped by and found this little sweetie!

susan jenkins said...

Hi dulcy, thank you so,so much!! This one had me wondering, I want to do more, they are very fun to do! I am thrilled you like it!

It is so difficult when you are torn between one and the other and you love them equally. Your rugs are so beautiful and your pastels . It's one or the other with time in the mix.
I look forward to your new pieces and a purse??
you see, there I go....I'm painting right now, got to get work out for the gallery but I'm wanting now to do another hand!!!
Thanks again, xx Susan