Monday, July 11


8"x8" heart  piqueassiette.
Newest heart just finished this morning. More fun!! Made on my clay fired base. Scalloped and embellished with hand made painted pieces and shards. Grouted with  a fine linen colored grout and sealed with a water proof sealer. I was given a wonderful piece to use for shards in blue and white (thanks Lynn) and found some gorgeous blue at a sale! Now I'm on the hunt for green!! Any body?? Seem's I'm always looking for GREEN!!
You can find this and other hearts at my etsy store.  SOLD!


Julie Whitmore said...

What a winner!
That floral shard in the center is so pretty and I love that cup bottom piece on the right.

susan jenkins said...

Thank you Julie! I think the floral piece just makes it so pretty too. Yes, that cup shard, so perfect! So happy you like it!!
xx Susan

A bird in the hand said...

I favorited the first one this morning -- just love, love, love that you used the bottom of a cup/bowl (?) to show the signature.
Colette xo

susan jenkins said...

Hi Colette! Yes, you were so sweet to favorite this heart. I am so happy you noticed that the name of the heart is "Willow" taken from the shard piece!!
Thank you colette!
xx Susan

dulcy said...

I'm really loving these, Susan! I agree that the addition of "Willow" on this one adds extra charm. Also, the bluebird and roses are just so, so sweet. Every time I check for something new, it's sold. Poof!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy,

So happy to know you love the hearts and "Willow". I am having such fun making these!! Thank you so much as always, love your input!!.
xo Susan

vicki said...

The blue is stunning- I am crazy about these!