Thursday, November 17


Pears    oil on canvas  9"x12"
I've been painting for the last couple of days. I went on Kathryn Glover's  blog ( her blog is right here if you scroll down to the right on my blog list)just to see what she was up to in her wonderful  loose painting style. She has painted beautiful yellow pears! Soft and loose and laying softly in the folds of cloth. I love it and inspired today to paint pears! Completely different style, which is fun!
Thanks Kathryn for the inspiration!  SOLD!!

Tuesday, November 15


Pique assiette Hands  4"x7" with my hand painted imagery and different colored grout. Porcelain and glass and ceramic. Vintage and antique shards. I'm loving the different colored grout, very experimental at this point!
I'm still painting and I have new hearts in the works too. Keeping busy in the studio!!