Saturday, September 1

White Rooster

5x7 oil on board 125.

It is a beautiful day and I started painting as soon as it was light! Roosters are fun to paint and being up so early it seemed appropriate!!

Friday, August 31

Pear Still life

8x10 oil on board SOLD
I love the grey in the background of this painting.It works nicely with the soft yellows. Soft shadows. I painted this with a lower light because I didn't want the shadows to be as intense. Sort of a Chardin look, Ha, I wish!!

Tuesday, August 28


5x6 oil on board 125.

This was fun. Was warming up to paint this morning and thought it would be fun to paint a piece of pizza, so I did! A morning painting after all!!

Monday, August 27

Vegetable Paintings

Have I said how much I LOVE to paint vedgetables?? Well, I do. I think they are lovely. Something so wonderful from the earth. I love the way they look, the smell and taste but mostly the gorgeous array of colors they come in.
To paint vedgetables and see the true color of a beet for example I spray them lightly with water. It brings out the color and also gives highlights more clearly.
When they are under the lamp they can change color so you must paint a bit more quickly. Under a spot they can cook at some point!! Stewed tomattoes!
Speaking of tomatoes, that is my still life subject for tomorrow. I will sketch that in this after noon.

See you then! XO