Wednesday, July 29


7"x10" oil on board My beloved Jays. This is a scrub Jay. They come everyday for peanuts.We have many of these wiley birds. SOLD!

Tuesday, July 28


8x10 oil on board. A big fat Robin! Such a beautiful bird. I always hope to see one here.SOLD!

Monday, July 27


6x6 oil on board. I love mocking birds, I love their song. We don't have many here by the ocean but inland there are many of them singing especially in the morning when I go out to the vegetable stand.


6x6 oil on board. My dear friend Briana had bird houses in her beautiful garden, set way up high. Blue Birds came every year and made their nests. I had never seen a Blue Bird here and didn't expect to see them on the central coast. I really think it was Briana. Her garden was magical and she was such a loving person. The Blue Birds loved her and so did we. SOLD!!

Sunday, July 26


6x6 oil on board This little painting is the start of a new series of bird paintings. There are so many different species and doing some research I am struck by the wonderful differences. I have an attachment to crows and the egrets here and of course my beloved scrub jays but I want to delve into the other wonders of Gods delicate creations! SOLD!!


It looks like this seascape will replace the peppers for the workshop in Washington at Arts Desire. It is 24x30. As soon as email alerts have been sent out by Bev for the workshop she will be putting the paintings on the web site for the class. I will keep you posted!! I will bring the peppers, I know some of you do want to paint it! XO