Thursday, February 18


1"x1 1/2" pure silver medallion. The inspiration for this piece was an antique French medal.

Loving silver as I do I am enthralled with the process of making jewelry. All the adornments will be one of a kind designs with special embellishments. This can be worn with a cord or a chain. (not included with purchase). This piece is 75.

Wednesday, February 17

BIRD in the HAND

8"x10" oil on canvas board. Tiny Chickadee coming for a visit.


Sort of fooling around this morning. I'm getting ready to go to my studio and get some painting done and heard the crows skulking about and calling to one another. I couldn't resist posting a crow, the acorn is from my old oak tree. He's made of black stoneware clay.
Off to work!

Monday, February 15

Rose Floral Pillow

30" square floral pillow. It's finished and I am so happy with it! I love the floral rose fabric and the addition of the French metis along with the floral ruffle makes it especially nice I think. Great size too!
Back to painting tomorrow morning, just a little detour in the meantime.

French Metis Ruffle

All my pieces are together and waiting to become a pillow. The creamy colored ruffle is vintage French metis. A blend of cotton and linen. It has a fine weave and it will go beautifully with the floral print of the pillow and the larger ruffle.
I'll put this together this morning and sew it up. Post it when it's completed. This has been a delightfully fun project after so much time in the studio.

Sunday, February 14

Valentines Day

Today being Valentines day I felt it should be a special day. The ocean beckoned to me to come down to the shore and walk in the sand but I chose to sew. I had purchased a lovely old rose floral fabric at a flea market and so wanted to make a very large pillow for my couch! I have it cut out and have to put the ruffle on yet.
I can hear the ocean now. It's roar. The sun is going down and it gets wild. I've heard the glass has been churned up and the rock piles have been uncovered. Well, I made my choice and it was a special day. My pillow will be beautiful but I know I missed something wonderful today.

I hope your Valentines Day was special too!