Wednesday, November 9


5"x7" oils on board. Crows! How I love them! These are new today, happily back to painting all day. A beautiful sunny day and just so fun to be in my studio at my easel. I painted crows because we have so many here, I feed them and they know there will be lots of peanuts for them. They swoop down and grab a peanut as soon as I put them down. I love to hear the flutter of their wings and with about 10 of them there is alot of fluttering!! These crows are available at the Chambers Gallery in Cambria. CROW on lower left is SOLD!!

Monday, November 7


Hand,wall decor, piqueassiette. 3.5"x7".  Yes, I did say I was going to paint....I tried, I really did. Since then I have made 3 more hearts and this hand!! It's difficult to break away!! My studio is used half for painting and half for clay work and mosaic work and  with all great intensions I end up at the back of my studio adding bits of china to a form laid out! I do have sketches and that far anyway. Tomorrow....there's always tomorrow!SOLD!!