Monday, May 23


36" x 48" This is the huge canvas that I talked about waiting for me back at the studio yesterday. This is Tonal ism. Muted color, soft tones and values. I love Tonal ism. For someone who loves lots of color it isn't easy to achieve a soft toned painting using earth colors. I keep working at it because I find it restful and comfortable to look at. It's a movement that in it's earliest days came out of the Barbizon school in France 1880-1910

Sunday, May 22


What a beautiful morning! I just got back from Leffingwell. It's nice to go down there and just sit and think on "things". There is a large canvas on my easel right now , I have a plan for it, making some sketches and did a bit of research this morning. Getting away,to a calm place and out of the studio is just what was needed. I'm so fortunate to have all this beauty right down the way.

It's not a seascape I'll be doing but again a quiet calm place was needed to sort "things" out. Actually a few more "things" than painting got cleared away too . A nice morning!

Do you have a place you like to go to mull??

Now to my studio to get this painting started!!!