Wednesday, October 24

Primary Palette

This is a test sample of mixes just from the 3 colors I used. It is really endless the colors you can make!! Try it!


oil painting 30"x40". Finished this morning.Limited Primary palette. I used the photo of the crow in the picture below in this painting. I love the crows and they do come right up and take a bite from what ever you leave out for them! They do love grapes and of course a vineyard would be a haven for a crow!!! Prussian Blue, Alizerin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow and White were the colors on my palette. I mixed all the colors from these three primarys. What fun!!! I did add a Napthol red at the end to get a good warm red for the accent on peaches,grapes and wine. Other than that just the 3 primarys with white for mixing. I like it because being a limited palette of colors it is very pigment related and economical! Takes an extra bit of time but worth the results I think. This painting has been spoken for!