Saturday, November 21


3"wide 1 1/4 tall. Made of red earthenware clay. Lots of glazing. Love making nests. I'm trying something new after Thanks Giving. Have a new idea. I have a couple more to post first.

All The Nests are gone, I'm making more and will post them when I get them made.


11"x4" My newest crow. Red earthenware clay with glass glazes. I couldn't resist adorning him with wreath of acorns, flowers and berries. He is all dressed up for Fall going into Winter! SOLD

Tuesday, November 17


8"x10" oil on board. I have a facination with Crows and Ravens. They are huge beautiful birds. Very wiley and smart. I love their bold black feathers. I love their squawk! We have alot of them here, many trees for them to sit and wait for the peanuts I put out for the Jays. SOLD!


"2 1/2" earthenware clay and glaze. Since I am painting birds my friend Vicki Greene suggested I make tiny nests. I loved the idea and created several. What fun! They are small enough to tuck into any niche. I believe they will be a very fun addition to the bird paintings.

Monday, November 16


Newest Pillow. Softer colors and ruffels of linen in white,cream and the soft green of the painting and back ground. Backing is linen, the same color as the pillow in a soft green called "meadow". The roses have a light touch of gold going around the edge of the painting. I think it finishes them off. 22"x34"