Wednesday, May 28

Life Is Just A Cup Of Cherry's

8x10" o/b
I have had this little cup for a very long time. It looks so pretty with the red of the cherry's and of course the wonderful perennial soft grey green back ground I love. 145.


I so appreciate all of your emails about my kiln breakdown and finding a new kiln. So many of you have suggested Craigs list. I have gone on, checked it out. I will have a kiln soon I am sure!

Just wanted to also say that I am getting emails that my "comments" isn't working?? AGAIN??

Geez Louise, what a day....I am sure it is going to turn, is so gorgeous out...ok, back to the studio and thankyou again so much for your kiln input!!

XO Susan

Clay Work

Well, it finally happened, the dreaded kiln breakdown! Yep, had a bunch of work in side and the element broke apart.....terrible! A set back! Until I can get a new one (this one has been hanging on by a thread) when ever that is, I will have to wait to fire these pieces. Anyone have a kiln they want to sell?? Geez......

I will try to get out of this funk mood I am now in and go out to the studio and paint!
So see you soon with a new painting!

XO Susan

Sunday, May 25

Memorial Day May 26, 2008

On this Memorial Day weekend I want to thank our military and remember those that serve and have fallen on behalf of and in the defense of our country and for the sake of others.

God Bless Them, God Bless the American Flag and God Bless AMERICA!

Have a Glorious Holiday!!