Friday, December 10


30"x40" oil on canvas
Well this was fun! Different!When I looked at the table in the light it looked pink. Loving pink as I do I decided to paint it pink and the back ground in a sort of sage green. I have been reading Cezanne and Matisse and gave the fruit bowl a sort of nod to them. This is it for now. I'm going back to the tote bags , I have a bunch more paintings and lots of new ideas for them!

Wednesday, December 8

Lunch With Matisse

30"x40" oil on canvas
Well I just have to say THIS was fun! I am getting back to my really loose brush strokes after all this time painting the birds and small tighter works. It takes a little bit of time to get loose!
I just loved using all this pink and red and yellow too. These colors are the new trend colors and pink is one of the top colors for 2011. I am very partial to pink and red so I am really excited to paint more pink!

Tuesday, December 7

Evening Repast

OK, this really is IT! I must start on another painting!! I like it now, I never liked all that dark background and since I had the lanterns in it seemed fun to make it into a nocturn.