Friday, January 25

Wine Medallions

Just delivered these to the Chambers Gallery for the Wine Festival Today. I have made them in the white earthen clay and also terra cotta. They go on the wine bottles and announce the name of the wine. They are about 2" wide. $10.00.They have copper wire and metal wire with glass beads.
Gayle has graciously invited me to paint inside the gallery today because the weather is not cooperating!! We remain undaunted however and the show must go on!! Come see us!
XO Susan

Tuesday, January 22

Making Stuff

Out in my studio all day today (roof leaking) wet out there and cold. It has been raining all night and all day today. I have a heater but my kiln is going and I can't have the 2 on at once with light too! So it was very damp!The kiln kind of warmed things up with the door closed. ...kind of...

I am working on a Piqueassiette bird house. It is very tall! The kiln is full of items that I will be selling at an upcoming show. Some for the Gallery here and then a show in Fresno in May. I will be posting those dates soon.The bird house is going to be quite a bit of work and I will post it when it is done.
I am not painting for several days so I can get these new works done. Not that I really want to give up my seascape practice!! HA!

The wine festival is going to be on this weekend and if you are around I will be demonstrating an oil painting at the Chambers Gallery on Friday and Saturday. ( The forecast is for rain, hope not!)There will be a wine pouring too. Pam Derby will be doing the honors with wine from her winery. So come by and say hi! See you soon, XO Susan

Monday, January 21

Seascape # 3

24x30 o/c Yep, another seascape. Just can't seem to pull away from them! You have to indulge me a bit longer, just having way too much fun!

Sunday, January 20


Very gray here today, I just cannot get a picture! I am sorry, will try again tomorrow. We are supposed to have rain for the next few days however. It is frustrating but my digital only takes shots out doors.
We do need rain however but it does wreak havoc with my photography! I will keep painting and have something for you soon!!

XO Susan