Saturday, January 24

Cottage Girl, Picnic

This is my newest "cottage girl" she is ready for her picnic! A bottle of wine and a basket laden with goodies. She is 91/2" tall.
The cottage behind her was built lovingly by my wonderful stepdad Bill, it is a bird house! My "sis" Wendy named these little girls,"cottage girls" I love that! I am making a series of them. They are made of earthenware clay, fired and glazed. Click on the picture to see a larger view.

Fun time in the gallery yesterday, Gayle,Lynn ,Vicki and Meredithe, all sampling wine and filling the place with laughter. It is the wine festival after all!! I demonstrated a wine bottle painting (what else?) and we greeted the friends and neighbors who came in to visit!

Vicki brought in several of her new small paintings and we all loved them and they were snatched up in a frenzy! A great day and today we do it all again!! Hope to see you there! SOLD!!

XO Susan

Friday, January 23

Shepherd Girl

This little figure is 91/2" tall. I have named her "shepherd girl " she is hand built from earthen ware clay,painted with colored glazes. Her apron is unglazed. I have another one in the firing right now, can't wait to see her!!SOLD!!

Wine Festival

The Wine Festival is this weekend! Starting today artists will be giving painting demonstrations in front of the shops, or in my case in the Chambers Gallery. This will be going on all thru Cambria along with wine sampling in and prize give aways!

If you are in Cambria come and see us! All the winery's will be in celebration! This is a 3 day event!

Hope to see you there!! XO Susan

Sunday, January 18

Piqueassiette Bird Teapot

This picture shows the top of the teapot.

Piqueassiette Bird Teapot

This is the finished teapot. 10 1/2" from handle to spout. 6"tall. Finished on the bottom too. People have asked me if these can be used. No, they are just a happy addition to your decorating. They are water proofed and can be used as garden art.