Wednesday, July 27


8"x8" Scalloped heart. Pique assiette. Hand made porcelain and pottery pieces with my hand painted imagery.Original one of a kind design. Cut to fit pottery shards. Grouted and water proof sealed to be hung in your garden if you choose.
I do have painting to get to, I'm now backed up!! I just LOVE making these hearts!! SOLD!!


dulcy said...

Oh Yippee! This one is mine, and I'm terribly excited to get it. I think it's little spot will be draped over an old mirror I have above the mantle. I love the sweet little house you painted, and think, by itself, would make a charming little pendant hanging from a cord or ribbon.

susan jenkins said...

hahahah hi dulcy! Yes, this one is yours and I am so pleased! I think you will be happy when you see it in person too and I'm so happy to know you love it and the little house too.
I'm happy you put your beautiful bags on etsy too!
Your heart was shipped yesterday and you should have it soon, enjoy!!
xo Susan

Brit said...

Wonderful work, Susan ! Wishing you also warm and sunny days !!!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Britta! Thank you so much for your nice comment! Warm sunny days to you too!!
xx Susan