Saturday, December 12


5"x7" Black Billed Magpie
A woodland ground forager, he will eat just about anything! He has a 22"to 24" wingspan, emagine that!

Friday, December 11


Black Throated Blue Warbler 6"x6" oil on board.
A smal song bird. He lives in the wetlands and forests of New England. He dines on insects.

Thursday, December 10


6"x6" oil on board

This sweet little Finch is a song bird. He is a seed eater and this one lives in England. SOLD!

Wednesday, December 9


5x7 oil on canvas

Living in the woodlands of England he eats seeds and insects. He is known for the white stripe on the back of his neck( not visible at this angle)and his coal gray colored feathers. SOLD!

Tuesday, December 8


3 1/2x1x 1/2 handbuilt red earthenware clay
Gray colored nests. Many woodland nests are gray because of the natural weathering of twigs. These are two of the new gray. Back to painting birds today!

Monday, December 7


5"x7" oil on canvas wrapped board.
A seed eater living in woodlands, he is often found with in a flock of Nut Hatches and Chickadees. SOLD!


6"x6" Oil on board. This little bird is a wood land bird. An insect eater.