Saturday, March 6


This is my Daughter Heather Roddy. She is opening her first ever art gallery in Del Mar California in the Flower Hill Promenade. It will be named Del Mar Art Gallery. It won't be open for several weeks but when it is Heather has asked me to give painting workshops there.

I will be going back to my roots. San Diego is where I started. I have to comment too that so many years ago when Heather was a baby her dad and I would take our three little ones ,put them in a play pen and sell our paintings out front of the old Del Mar Hotel . How funny life is, to bring you back to the start in such a different way!
I'm so proud of you Heather, congratulations and I can't wait to join you in your exciting new endeavor!

Thursday, March 4


20"x24" oil on board. This painting is one I did some time back and I've probably posted it but I wanted some color up here!! I will be painting some new works soon and I'm wanting to get back to my loose florals. They are so much fun!


All of the paintings for my workshop have been sent to Arts Desire in Vancouver Washington. You can see them by going to I am listed in "oil painting workshops".

Classes will be the 8th,9th,1oth,11th of April for 4 days of painting fun! Bev will have all supplies there plus frames for your beautiful finished work.

See you there!!

Tuesday, March 2


6"x6" oil on wood panel The willet, like other shore birds wades through the water and probes with it's long beak in the wet sand or the mud of wetlands looking for food. It dines primarily on aquatic insects. It winters along the entire coast line of California.


8"x10" oil on board What can I say? He's ready for a party!

Monday, March 1


6"x6" oil on board Yes, I know, I said shore birds! Well, I must keep up with my inland birds too, I so love them. I will go back and forth, it's all fun!

Blue birds are insect eaters. They prefer open areas like parks,orchards,pastures,where it is easier to spot their food. They love meal worms, live or roasted....yum. SOLD!

Sunday, February 28


6"x6" oil on board. While researching the black oyster catcher native to our western shore I came across the "pied oyster catcher" native to Australia. I couldn't resist painting it. !


6"x6" oil on board. Shore birds are my new fascination to paint. Beach walks with camera in hand.
The oyster catcher is found only in the marine shoreline environment favoring rocky over sandy areas. It eats most every kind of shell fish favoring muscles but it doesn't eat oysters!! It mates for life and their nests are made from shell fragments and small stones. Nest building is done by the male. SOLD!