Thursday, November 17


Pears    oil on canvas  9"x12"
I've been painting for the last couple of days. I went on Kathryn Glover's  blog ( her blog is right here if you scroll down to the right on my blog list)just to see what she was up to in her wonderful  loose painting style. She has painted beautiful yellow pears! Soft and loose and laying softly in the folds of cloth. I love it and inspired today to paint pears! Completely different style, which is fun!
Thanks Kathryn for the inspiration!  SOLD!!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...


susan jenkins said...

Thanks Julie!!

A bird in the hand said...

Extremely fabulous!


susan jenkins said...

Thank you so much Colette!!
xx Susan

smiles, Sharon said...

Susan I love it when you squeeze in time for oils.....and these are simply realistic I could take a bite....never see anyone paint pears with their little imperfections and blemishes. It is NO wonder this sold immediately. Now time to do winter squash or better yet pomegranates!!!
Be kind to your oils and use them often!!! Have a seaside Thanksgiving with seashell plates!! smiles: sharon

susan jenkins said...

Hi Sharon, thankyou so much as always!
xx Susan

vicki said...

Oh Susan - You just know I LOVE these pears - they are perfectly beautiful!