Friday, October 26

Lay in for Koi Painting

20x24 o/c lay in for large Koi painting.
I thought it might be fun to share my turpentine technique with you on a lay in. I have made my drawing with a #4 bristle brush and ultra marine blue with turp and then washed in color on lily pond leaves, Koi and water also with turp. Left click on the photo and you will see a close up of the brush strokes and scrub in.
I will add a lily too somewhere just have to pick out a place. I want the painting to be about the Koi but having the color and pond subjects set them off. Anyway, I will go in tomorrow and start shaping it up more. May finish it tomorrow, see how it goes.
I will do a warm up "morning" painting tomorrow too. Not Koi and not pie....something new!!
XO Susan

workshop San Mateo

Just wanted to mention a workshop I am giving on small paintings in San Mateo November 2nd and 3rd. I am looking forward to seeing so many friends there and new friends too!

I also want to say hi to my friends and family in SanDiego. All areas and people affected by the fires. It is harrowing ,what you have all been thru. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

XO Susan


6x6 o/b 125. Grab your cup of coffee and let's have a piece of cherry pie!!

Wednesday, October 24


6x6 o/b 125. Yes, I am having fun painting Koi! I am facinated by the color and movement. I will probably paint a few more as I work on my larger piece. When the large painting is finished I will put it on the web and also take it to the Chambers gallery here.

Monday, October 22


6x6 o/b 125. SOLD!This small painting is one of many I will be doing as sketches for a larger painting with Koi. I was very inspired by Bev's gorgeous Koi pond in Washington when I was teaching at Arts Desire. The Koi are enormous! Beautiful.