Wednesday, September 15


My kitchen. I've been having fun this morning, adding paintings to my cupboards in my kitchen. The painting over the sink is by my grand daughter Elizabeth. I've always hung paintings everywhere but the cupboards "were bare" so up they went. I keep adding and soon will be out of space!My kitchen is tiny, it's a little beach cottage,early on meant for vacationing.It's cozy!


9"x5" handbuilt,handpainted and glazed earthenware clay.
Oh yes, there are more!

Monday, September 13


9" x 6" handbuilt,hand painted and glazed earthenware clay
More faces!! More fun!!

Sunday, September 12


10.5"x5"  Hand built, handpainted, earthenware clay with glazes.

Oh yes, there are more! Fun is fun and fun is NOT done! Are you smiling now??


9.5"x 5.5    Earthenware clay with glazes hand built and hand painted.
Yes, if left alone too long .....hahahaha this is what happens! I absolutely love making these faces! They hang on the wall and hopefully make you smile. They do make me smile, I'm smiling right now as I make this entry! Are you smiling?