Friday, May 23

Color Mix Pansy Still life

6x6" oil on board. I am just loving pansies and I love putting them in a glass bowl. 125.

Thursday, May 22

Word Blocks

These are my word blocks! Just took them out of the kiln this morning.They vary in size from 1x1" to 1 and1/4" there many different words,I am delivering 50 today .They are fun on a book shelf,coffee table , anywhere you want a little reminder. They make fun gifts too! They are hand made of white earthen clay, and glazed. Each letter is individually stamped to make the words. They can be purchased at the Chambers Gallery for 6.50 ea.

Wednesday, May 21

Hand Built Sheep

6"x9"x3" clay hand built sheep. This is the hand building done in clay,finished today. I have to wait for it to dry and then fire it. When it is fired I will be glazing it with black for the head and legs and white for the wool. This is a big piece and is a commission work. Betsy if you are looking it is on it's way to the next step!
I have several things being fired in the kiln right now. I am doing word blocks for the Chambers Gallery, I will post a couple for the blog tomorrow.
See you tomorrow! XO Susan

Sunday, May 18

New Work

Good Morning!

It is a gorgeous morning here on the coast and I hope it is where you are too!

I am getting ready to go out to my studio and work. I have a commission in clay to start today and I also have some small pieces to make for the Chambers Gallery.
How ever, I feel an abstract coming on! Must not be deterred but I am inspired! I was reading this morning of something called Yupo. It is a plastic paper primarily used by watercolor artists. Have any of you painters out there experimented with it?

I did read of one artist who used oils on it, that is what I want to try.Apparently the paint doesn't absorb, it has a degree of difficulty because putting on layers isn't possible! It just moves what is already underneath! That can be frustrating to say the least!There must be a drying dryer for water color...well anyway, that is my next experiment!
Please let me know if you have tried it, I would love to have your input!

More on this later! XO Susan