Friday, May 21


oil painting on canvas.
Who doesn't love summer at the beach? Just the thought of it makes me smile.Lots of fun memories racing the little waves and building all manner of things in the sand (mostly we dug big holes and let them fill up with sea water) with shells and drift wood. Looking for shells, sea glass, playing in tide pools and never wanting summer to end!

Thursday, May 20


Little metal trays painted in oil with birds and touched with gold. 6 1/2" x 5 1/2".
I am always looking for a new support to paint on. I found these little trays and thought these would be so fun to paint on. These are the first of 5 until I find more trays!!
I'd like to give my self the credit for the idea of trays but it was my friend Vicki Greene who said "how about painting your birds on trays "??
Love input! Thanks Vicki!!


New birds this morning!! These little birds are 3"x 2" and that varies just a bit. They are made of porcelain clay,one of a kind, all hand built and painted with mat glazes that are fired into the clay. All 3 birds are SOLD!!!

Wednesday, May 19

Sculking Crow

New crow this morning! This is a sculking crow if ever there was one! He has his acorn and he is very pleased with him self.

Hand built in red earthenware clay and glazed in black glass glaze 11"x4". This will go to the Chambers Gallery today!

Tuesday, May 18


I'm having fun with these little birds. They are made of porcelain and hand built. 2"x 2 1/2".
I have several in the firing right now in different colors. These are painted with pure clay colored pigment, fired and left unglazed,to give a soft look.

Sunday, May 16


Made of earthenware red clay this is a new crow taken out of the kiln yesterday. He has an acorn in his beak. He is 4"x 11"long . I have another crow in the firing right now. I can't wait to see him, he is a bit skulkier than this one. I'll post him as soon as he's finished!


Just pulled this little piggy from the kiln yesterday. I love the white glaze.He is 8.5"x4.5". I'm working on birds next, little birds but they will be painted . Back to working with porcelain after working with the earthenware clay. It's all fun!