Saturday, December 4

Wine Painting

30"x40" oil on canvas
I'm still working on this. A few tweaks here and there. I like the festive subject matter.A bit of flash back on the right is something I fight on these over cast rainy days. I'll live with it today and finish it tomorrow and start another.It is very fun to be painting" BIG" again!

Friday, December 3

Back to painting BIG!!

All the Tote Bags are sold and Tilly's night gown finished and I got a call yesterday to paint some very LARGE wine bottle paintings!!I'm excited and I will post as I go along because these will take a while!
It is very overcast and cold here this morning at the coast and it looks like rain. I may have to move it all in to the house since the roof in my studio leaks!! Nothing is ever perfect is it? I am undaunted, I can't wait to paint! One more cup of coffee and out I go!!

Thursday, December 2

TILLY'S Night gown and baby doll

Till's night gown is finished and I have to say, it was a labor of love but harder to complete than the tote bags! The doll took a morning but the night gown 2 days!! Geez! Oh well, I know she'll love it and that's what matters. Happy Birthday Tilly!

Tuesday, November 30


This is Tilly watering the plants at GG's. Ok, back to sewing!

A Night Gown for Tilly

This morning I've cleared off the table in my kitchen( where I cut out my tote bags) to make a night gown for Tilly my great grand daughter!! She will be 3. She will get lots of wonderful gifts, toys and all manner of play things but a nightie from her GG Sue will be special I think. Pink rose bud flannel to keep her snugly in these cold evenings.
I'm making a little rag doll too with matching nightgown. This will be fun and a bit of a breather from the Totes!
Back to work in a few!

Monday, November 29


19"x22.5"x5" oil painting on canvas( from my stash of past paintings).
Just put the finishing touches on "Sun Flowers "this morning. The rooster cut out and sewn on just completed it for me and makes it fun!