Monday, July 18

Egg Separator

I do other things besides hearts and painting altho lately it doesn't seem that way!  Today is my brother in law's birthday and I made him a cake. He is a special guy and he loves white cake with  fudge frosting. Who doesn't?? Egg whites are asked for and to do that I used my beloved egg separator. My daughter, Amber, as a child many years ago, gave me this egg separator for my birthday. I did alot of baking when I had my little family and made alot of cakes. I have used it over and over again thru the years. It has broken and been repaired with Elmers glue several times. Today making this cake I am reminded of my children,family, the many cakes I've made and  my sweet daughter Amber.  Mmmmm the house is cozy with memories and a cake in the oven.


amber said...

Im glad you love your egg separator .That is so funny that i gave you that as a present hahhhah i knew you loved to cook for us. You always made sure your Family had a great meal and it was always so Yummy !!

susan jenkins said...

Isn't it sweet? i just love the memories that come with it, yes, isn't that cute that you gave me an egg separator? i probably said the one thing I need is an egg separator hahahaha. Love you!

Trudy R. Gomez said...

Beautiful little gadget Susan - I can smell the wonderful aromas from here!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Trudy,

Thank you, yes, you know I don't remember seeing one ever again. I love it, it's pretty special.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

The cake was deeewishous. Egg separator to the rescue!
Miss you Amber

susan jenkins said...

Yes, it was wasn't it?? YUM!Wish Amber could have been here too!!

xx Susan

from Sharon said...

Such a touching peek into your family life from years ago...haven't the years flown by? I am so glad you kept your egg separator! it now has wrinkles in it from use and love.

susan jenkins said...

wrinkles, I just love that Sharon. Yes, the years have just zoomed by, I miss my little family!!