Tuesday, April 21

Monday, April 20

8x10 oil on canvas  "Roses"
Still working on smalls. I've been working on board but this is canvas. I really think I like painting on  the boards, more of a slip and slide!!

Sunday, April 19

6"x6" oil painting on board "Deer and Friend"

This deer is one of my new smalls too, these paintings were all done in the last week. Having fun!

5"x7" oil on board   "Lemon"
This is a practice painting that started me off on the 5"x7" sizes again. Really enjoying painting these smalls. Another morning painting tomorrow!!

5"x7" oil painting on board  "Rose Geraniums"
another 5"x7" morning painting. Just loving this size!

5"x7" oil on board
I've been painting small paintings again, my" morning paintings"! This one is " Garden Rose"