Sunday, August 28


2.5"x3.5" Pique assiette cross. Hand made and embellished with vintage shards of pottery and porcelain. My handpainted imagery. Grouted with a soft linen colored grout and sealed with a water proof sealer so they may be hung out side too!
I love making these little crosses, they can be tucked in anywhere and make sweet gifts.
I have put these on my etsy site The little pink cross is SOLD!


Erin in Morro Bay said...

Susan - I love the top one with the pink flowers - should I order it through Etsy or do you want to bring it by the library sometime?

susan jenkins said...

Hi Erin, How nice!! I'm so happy you love it!! Thank you so much!!
Yes, best to order it from Etsy and I will bring it right to you at the library. They do frown on us taking things off once on!

Thank you Erin!!
xx Susan

susan jenkins said...

I will refund your shipping because you are just down the street!!!xx