Saturday, August 25


6"x6" oil painting on board. Moonstone Beach in Cambria. Have you been there? It's beautiful! It's where you go to fine the beautiful moon stone rocks that are translucent. You can't see them right off, takes a bit of knowing but when you find your treasure and hold it up to the sky there is a feeling of such elation!
Gayle at the Chambers Gallery can show you her remarkable stash and where to go to find these beautiful rocks.

Friday, August 24


6"x6" and one 8"x10" oil on board. These new ocean scapes were fun because I am loose again!! The block is over! Painting the little houses did it, freeing up. Whew, no more blocks!!!( for a while any way)! These paintings will be going to the Chambers Gallery in Cambria!!

Wednesday, August 22


6"x6" oil on board. I love the porch on this one. I would put one chair out there, something comfy. One chair. SOLITUDE!


6"x6" oil painting on board. This little painting is painted from a larger original. I love it small. It is part of the Solitude series but I've named it "Moon Glow". more to come, lots of sketches! SOLD!!

Tuesday, August 21


6"x6" oil painting on board.Painting thru the block and really enjoying painting these houses. I'm naming the series ( yes, I want to paint a series) "Solitude" being one little white house alone at the beach or in the woods. Two of my favorite places.I don't know how many houses I'll paint, sort of on a roll and not wanting
to stop!!

Sunday, August 19


New House PiqueAssiette design. Mosaic tile with hand painted pieces and imagery. All in white, very fun to make. I used vintage shards on my hand made clay tile. This piece measures 101/2"x 53/4". Porcelain, china , old crockery and glass. This house piece is available at my etsy store Back to painting, loving the house concept! More tiles coming. My mosaic pieces are also available at the Chambers gallery in Cambria!