Tuesday, April 3

Wild of Heart 2

9"x9" hand made  heart tile with shards of Italian tiles and broken plates grouted in a wonderful nutmeg color. This one is for me! I'm doing some decorating, painting walls in kitchen a  rich forest green! It is going to be luscious! This will look so good on the green walls just had to share!


T.Gomez said...

I love this! Your work is so inspirational. Happy Easter Blessings!

susan jenkins said...

Trudy, Hi! Thanks so much!Nice to hear this morning! Happy Easter blessings to YOU too!!

xo Susan

vicki said...

Hi Susan- what a gorgeous new heart- so full of bright color! It will be beautiful on your green walls!! I sending wishes for a wonderful Easter holiday--

susan jenkins said...

Hi Vicki! Thank you as always, I think it's a fun one!
Hope you had a lovely Easter, I went South to see family, so nice!!
Love, Susan