Monday, March 12


8"x10" oil painting on canvas.  Commission.
This is Delilah, a beautiful, rescue, former guide dog for the blind. She has been allowed to live her precious  remaining years  with Terri . Together thay have walked and searched the sands for rocks, glass and shells and have become the very closest, best of friends.


Bhavna said...

I was really fascinated by your blog.I consider my creative inclination a wonderful gift to produce artwork and my inspiration is my inner self and world around me. There is an attempt to create a powerful emotional bond that reaches the heart and soul of the viewer.As an artist, I have explored variety of themes and ideas. The exploration clearly reflects the diversity and escapades of my journey of evolving experience and confidence in my work. Paintings as jubilation, emancipation express different emotions like hope, joy, calmness or motivation while abstract waterscape is just vibrant and full of life.

Janvi said...

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susan jenkins said...

Thank you Janvi, how very nice of you to comment!!
Delhi, my good ness!!
xx Susan

susan jenkins said...

Bhavna, Thank you for your thoughtful comments and statements. I so agree with you about art and expression. It makes me happy that you like my blog and paintings.
xx Susan

Marietjie said...

She looks so happy! And you've done an excellent job with the painting

susan jenkins said...

Hi Marietjie,

Thank you very much! I know this sweet dog, she was very happy that day, she loves the beach. I'm glad you like the painting!