Friday, March 16


81/2"x81/4" handmade mosaic heart.  Abstract heart tile with vintage shards and my hand made clay pieces. This was fun, these shards were given to me and are  from an old broken pot. I placed in a little cherub head and heart,bird and star that I had made especailly for something like this. This is a fun new design on the abstract side! You can find this heart for sale on


A bird in the hand said...

It's bright and beautiful.
Love it!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Colette, thankyou! I love that you love it!!! Sure was fun!!
xo Susan

vicki said...

Hi Susan-
Your newest creation is totally unique! I love it's abstract appeal. So vibrant and colorful. You are so creative and talented. These hearts are wonderful!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Vicki, something different,happy and fun! Thank you so much, as always!
xo Susan

Liza Yorke said...

I just came across your blog through pinterest. Your hearts are beautiful! The Wild of Heart ones in particular are my favorites. Absolutely stunning (: