Wednesday, March 21


31/2"x11" mosaic, piqueassiette crow.  Crow design cut from red earthenware clay and embellished with black glass and pottery shards.Piqueassiette. Wire attached for hanging with colored glass beads as adornment!
This was fun and something new using all glass. When I broke the glass it shattered into small delicate pieces, I couldn't have cut them so perfectly!Snips and cuts to shape it and it was just a fun piece to create! The glass reflects subtle color from surroundings. This may be hung in the garden as it is water sealed. Available at


Brit said...

Hi Susan,
The cow is so beautiful. I love cows, even if most of the people do not but they are such intelligent birds. I love the way you created this cow with clay and glass, simply wonderful!
Have a great spring weekend!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Britta,

thank you so much! I love them too. Up here in this area of California we love them. They are so smart and really beautiful. I feed them along with the jays and they expect it too!!
xo Susan

dulcy said...

I LOVE this guy! The colors are so very much like a crow. I'm constantly amazed at how big our crows are around here. I see them as sort of the rulers of the trees. They are always chasing the hawks and owls from tree to tree. I think they're gorgeous as is this pretty glass crow!


susan jenkins said...

Thank you dulcy! I agree, the rulers of the trees, they are all with their family and friends up there too! I'm so happy you like the crow piece!!
xo Susan

Forest Dream Weaver said...

I havn't visited your blog for a while.Your work always makes me smile.
Thank you Susan!

susan jenkins said...

Hello! Thank you! I'm so happy I could make you smile!!
xo Susan

vicki said...

Susan- he is beautiful!! What a great new creation for you!! He is a perfect garden accent!!
Love him!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Vicki! Thank you, he was really fun, loved working with the glass too. So glad you like it!!
xo Susan