Wednesday, December 19


4"x4" oil on canvas. 3 more to post! Love working on these small canvases. It's challenging but at the same time rewarding and fun! The blue and white bowl is an antique I've had for ever, I love it with the yellow of the pears!


T.Gomez said...

These are beautiful Susan! Your work is always inspiring. You come up with such original presentations!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Trudy! Thank you very much!!
I'm so pleased you like them!

dulcy said...

Hi Susan! I love the mini's! My mom did mini paintings for years.... She would find little cheap frames and gold leaf them. Sweet little masterpieces......


susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy, I love that your mom painted mini's! I do love doing them very much. Been searching for frames and love your moms idea!
Thank you so much!!
xo Susan