Sunday, May 6

Still Life With Lemons

30" x 40"  Still life on Canvas.  Painted many years ago. I just found the photo. I've been packing, it seems for weeks. I'm moving. Leaving this beautiful place on the Central Coast of California for a new location in Southern California. The Temecula Valley. I do alot of work in the San Diego area and think a change will be fun and timely. Change is positive but it will be with a heavy heart full of memories that I take with me.

When I look at this painting and how my work has changed through the years I'm inspired to anticipate the work I will be doing in the future.

So, I won't be adding new work for a while. This packing thing is taking much longer than expected! I will be back when I can with new ideas explored. I can't wait!!

See you soon! I will be adding photos of pictures I come across in the meantime. Next packing, STUDIO!! That will be an adventure!!

XX Susan


krishna said...

wowww!!!! great work...

krishna said...

great work.. i love painting.. but yet to master it...

susan jenkins said...

Hi Krishna, thank you so much for your nice comment! Keep at it with your painting!!
xx Susan

dulcy said...

It all sounds terribly exciting, Susan! Very happy for you and hoping you'll keep us posted about your new adventure. Love this painting!!


susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy,

It is exciting, a new page in the dusty book of life !! I'm looking forward to the adventure, thank you so much, I'll keep you posted for sure!
xo Susan

vicki said...

Susan- did you feel as though you had found a long lost friend when you found this beautiful painting? Life is an adventure isn't it? I wish you the very best in your move and am saying a prayer that your hopes and dreams are waiting for you when you get there--

susan jenkins said...

Hi Vicki,

Yes, i had forgotten about it!! There is so much in storage, really....a bit over whelming actually hahahaha the curse of being prolific!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments, so great that my blog friends will be with me, we are always in touch! Love that!
xx Susan