Wednesday, July 25

A Day At The Beach

5"x7" oil on canvas  New painting , "A Day At The Beach"! 
Gayle of the Chambers Gallery in Cambria has expressed an interest in beach paintings. I Love to paint them, children playing, dogs running, ocean and sky and sand. These are fun to paint and remind me very happy times walking along the shore collecting lovely rocks and sea glass.
This painting is available through the Chambers Gallery. More to come!!


T.Gomez said...

I love the soft colors reflecting the happiness of a day on the beach! Glad to see your work again!

moey said...

this is lovely!!! i love the soft pinks throughout it all... definitely a warm, summer day. even the air is warm and inviting...
thank you!
(an appreciator of your paintings in the northwest)

krishna said...

absulotely stunning... unfortunately i can't paint.. i tried many times without success.. anyway i've a blog.. please visit when you get time..

susan jenkins said...

Thank you Moey, I'm so happy you like this little painting! Thank you for being there too!!
xx Susan

susan jenkins said...

Thank you Krishna! I will look for your blog!
xx Susan

susan jenkins said...

Hi Trudy, good to hear from you! Glad you like it! Yes, good to be back at work i feel like it's been a year!
Thank you!!
xx Susan said...


susan jenkins said...

Thank you so much! Beautiful photographs by the way!