Friday, May 13


New this morning, little crosses for the Chambers Gallery , I'm making a bunch

more, these are just a sampeling.

My sister Julie gave me a pile of beautiful Chintz plates and do you recognize one of her lady bugs on one of the crosses? A broken piece of one of her beautiful pottery pieces. These little crosses measure 2"x3".


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Oh Susan I'm so glad to see those plates transfomed into these wonderful crosses!!
What a beautiful job you have done.

susan jenkins said...

Oh thank you!! Thank you so much for the beautiful shards!They are so inspiring!!It was fun, going to make alot of them!

xx Sis

dulcy said...

Very sweet little crosses.... So.... you and Julie are sisters? What a talented pair you two are! No wonder I love checking in with both your blogs. Yes, we're enjoying the water lilies, and you are definitely right about a rug. An oval would be nice, could even hook the rock work around the edge. Oh dear, you've got me thinking about another project!

susan jenkins said...

Hi! Yes, we are sisters!Thank you for such a nice compliment, we do have fun!
Oh a water lily pond( yours) would be soooo beautiful! Those big gold fish and the lilies and yes, rocks as an edging and definately an oval!! Hahahaha yes, you need another project right??
Can't wait to see what you come up with!!
xx Susan

Kathryn Glover said...

I must take much time and look around here. Where have I been? By the way, I did not paint on foil, but placed foil under the pool balls to get a mirror image and reflection. I used a photograph to first grid off my canvas to get the proportions right. Your flowers are so beautiful. wish I could paint flowers!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Kathryn,

No, I meant you used the foil for your set up, maybe I wrote it wrong?? I set my painting up on the foil, then painted it.
Happy you like my flowers, doing a set up today (hopefully)!

Thank's so much for your comment
xx Susan

Kathryn Glover said...

Susan. I want to know how you make these. I mean the base. I have, in my basement, in big plastic containers every dish I have broken over the last 30 years. Thin masonite? I just love these. My dishes are not as pretty as your selection. I need to begin something new since I have oddles of free time. Right! I want to start knitting again, too. And learn rug hooking.

susan jenkins said...

hi, well, i cut them out of clay and then fire them in a kiln. they are all low fire like cone 06 clay. I cut up the plates, after breaking them in a cloth with a hammer. I use a tile cutter that you hold in your hand and clip pieces from the shards. Glue them on with tile set and then when dry over night I grout them and when that's dry i seal them to water proof them. All can be purchased at the hardware store.
It is fun to do and a nice change from painting!
Try it, you will be great at it I know!!
xx Susan

susan jenkins said...

oh forgot to say a wood base is fine!!

vicki said...

Susan- these are beautiful. I love that you are using your sisters broken plates and bits of her pottery- such a fabulous project. Lovely creations--

susan jenkins said...

Thank you Vicki!
Oh boy when I opened that bag and saw those plates I was so excited!It is fun to make the crosses with these wonderful shards!!

xx Susan