Friday, May 6

Beautiful Gardens

This last weekend I was privileged to attend to the Murrieta Home and Garden Show. Gorgeous gardens and lovely homes.
My girl friends are from high school and we meet once a year,from many different places, attend the show and get inspired by the beauty of the gardens and each other!

I was excited to see the lily ponds and took many pictures of those because not only do I love them but I love to paint them too! Talk about inspiration! Oh and the beautiful roses!

I just loved the potting shed at one of the homes and just had to share all of this with you!!


dulcy said...

I also love that little potter's shed! And the water lilies are gorgeous. We have a pond, but the lilies aren't blooming yet... a treat to look forward to. Also, that red bridge is just wonderful. These photos are all so serene. I must comment about your painting in the post below.... Absolutely breathtaking. Yes, the white against the reds ..... and the blue of the window.... all wonderful!

susan jenkins said...

Thank's Dulcy! Take pic's of your lily pond when it is ready. I'd LOVE to see it!!
Thank you about the white dress painting too!! So happy you like it!!
xo Susan

vicki said...

Susan- these garden photos are fabulous! They look beautiful here on your blog- you must have had a wonderful day.

susan jenkins said...

Thank you Vicki,

We did have a really fun day and the gardens were just inspiring!!


Brit said...

I am sure these gardens are a great source of inspiration for your beautiful paintings. Happy weekend to you, Susan!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Britt,
Oh it was just so inspiring to see them!
Thank you Britt, I so love your blog, thank you so much for your inspiration too!!

xx Susan

Brit said...

Hi Susan,
It's always such a big pleasure for me to have you comment, thank you so much!!! xo, Brit

susan jenkins said...

Well it's my pleasure to comment and if it makes you happy all the better!! lol, xx, Susan