Saturday, May 14


I was reading this morning on Katherine Glover's blog that she set up her painting of" Pool Balls" on a piece of aluminum foil! I was so impressed with it and inspired that I had to give it a try! I thought I will just set it up on the foil and do a quick sketch in paint. Oh man was I surprised to see ALL those reflections, it was really a mind bender!Her idea was to paint all the reflected color and it was beautiful! You will have to see her painting, go to her blog on the right of my blog here on the blog roll.
So there I was, with my lemon and strawberry and foil thinking this will be fun and quick! It was fun, but not quick!! A real experience! Thank's Katherine for a great stretch!!!xx
6"x6" oil on board


Kathryn Glover said...

susan. so glad that you tried the foil. It is very pretty but not that easy to paint. Your painting is beautiful and your reflections true, especially the strawberry. You're on to something here.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Kathryn, well it was your painting that got me going, it isn't easy tho to paint a set up on it is it? So much going on! Thank you so much for the inspiriation and your nice comments!!

vicki said...

Susan- your latest painting is so colorful and lovely- love your use of such a unique effect- the foil. So creative!

susan jenkins said...

Thank you Vicki, it was Kathryn Glover's painting that got me inspired to do it, loved what I was seeing when I painted it! Fun! I'm so pleased you love it!!

xx Susan