Wednesday, September 29

Vegetable Stand, Santa Rosa Creek Road

A trip to the vegetable stand this morning. My friend Gayle and my sister Julie have taken a little road trip to the back country here to pick up fresh vegetables. I wasn't able to go until now as I have been away. All I was told is that the tomatoes are like candy! That was enough for me. Fresh picked tomatoes!! 5 for a dollar is what the sign said and avocados 50 cents each! It's an honour system. She has an iron piggy bank that you put your money in. When I arrived she and a worker were laying out pumpkins, all sorts, big and small, tall and squatty. I bought a tall one, beautiful! Just had to share my harvest with you!!


vicki said...

a perfect photo for the bounty of autumn - lovely. Nothing like market fresh veggies!


susan jenkins said...

Hi Vicki, thankyou, isn't it beautiful? Wonderful back there, so fragrant and colorful. I'm having tomatoes with my dinner tonight!!
xo Susan

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Hey Sis,

We went there too this afternoon, tomatoes and avacados and I got a peek in the barn where the barn owls hang out!
They've even put a little door up in the rafters for them.


susan jenkins said...

Oh you got a peek in the barn??Isn't the old barn wonderful? A little door in the rafters for the owls? You lucky you!!