Friday, October 1


16"x20"  We Won!! Vicki Greene and I entered our painting in the Chamber of Comerce Art and Wine Festival Poster Contest.Vicki is the seascape painter and I painted the vineyard and foreground. We thought it expressed Art and Wine.
 This is always a big party in Cambria with wine pouring and sampling, raffle's, dinners and party's!
Vicki and I are happy and proud to be a part of this always fun filled event.  Gayle Sewels Chambers Gallery will be a hub of celebratory fun during the festival!Come and see us in January and get a signed poster!!


vicki said...

Susan - How fabulous is this - congrats to you and Vicki (love her name!!). This is a magnificent painting and it does indeed signify both art and wone - absolutely an amazing piece of art in itself! You should be proud - this is really something! Hope you will post some pictures of the festival later on!


susan jenkins said...

Hi Vicki, you are so nice! We are proud, it was fun to paint and the festival will be very exciting! Yes, i will have pictures and I usally demonstrate at the gallery. There will be lots of wine flowing too! lol!!
Thankyou again for your nice comment!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...


Can't wait to come get a poster, have a glass of Pam's wine, and visit Gail's beautiful gallery!

susan jenkins said...

Yes, a glass of Pam's wine, posters and fun at Gayles!! lol, can hardly wait!!


Erin in Morro Bay said...

Congratulations!!!!! How could they have picked any other painting? Yours and Vicki's is absolutely perfect!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Erin! Thankyou so much! We are so happy to have been picked, alot of talent here to pick from for sure!!
xx susan