Wednesday, September 15


My kitchen. I've been having fun this morning, adding paintings to my cupboards in my kitchen. The painting over the sink is by my grand daughter Elizabeth. I've always hung paintings everywhere but the cupboards "were bare" so up they went. I keep adding and soon will be out of space!My kitchen is tiny, it's a little beach cottage,early on meant for vacationing.It's cozy!


vicki said...

OMG - your kitchen paintings are fabulous - what a wonderful way to display your beautiful creations. This is out of this world and it makes me want to buy a million paintings and do this to my kitchen! Fabulous!


susan jenkins said...

Hi! You are so fun!Thankyou so much!! I have one cupboard door left, have to do something special, lol, what ever that will be!
Yes, try it it's fun and a great way to decorate and spruce it up!!

krakowianka said...

This is so cute! Looks very tasty! ;)Love your paintings!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

My favorite is the radish.
Wonderful kitchen!

susan jenkins said...

Hi Julie!Thankyou!!Glad you like the raddish, we were just talking about raddishes and how we wish there were the beautiful French ones here to paint!! So fun!


susan jenkins said...

Hi Krakowianka!

Thankyou so much for your nice comment! Glad you like my paintings and they look tasty, I love that!!


Gary said...

Thanks Susan for your very kind words about my work.
This photo made me laugh so much when I saw it, there is even washing up in the sink! GR8T!What an amazing way to save money on gallery space. We can start having show in the bathroom & toilet, retrospectives in the shed ... the opportunities are endless.

susan jenkins said...

Hahaha, thanks Gary, yes, making good use of space(tiny house) and I can tell you my guests do have fun choosing their favorites!


Last Cup Of Coffee said...

love this! what a wonderful kitchen. makes you want to sit down and have a cup of coffee and admire the wonderful paintings!

susan jenkins said...


Oh I'd LOVE to have you to coffee! how fun!
Thankyou so much for your nice comment, so happy you like my kitchen and the paintings too!!

Brit said...

You are so talented, Susan. The paintings are wonderful and I love your kitchen. You are talking about your 'tiny' kitchen, I am sure for American means my tiny kitchen would be a mousehole ;o)
Have a wonderful Sunday!

susan jenkins said...

Hello Britta! so wonderful to have you comment, I sooooooo LOVE your blog! Visit it regularly. It's inspiring and beautiful!
Thankyou for your nice comment too about my work, and yes, it could be I'm calling my kitchen tiny and maybe comparatively it is larger than I might think? Hahahaha
Thankyou again , wonderful to hear from you,xx Susan