Saturday, December 12


5"x7" Black Billed Magpie
A woodland ground forager, he will eat just about anything! He has a 22"to 24" wingspan, emagine that!


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Both Kim and I are hooting over here, this is beautiful!!!

Susan Jenkins said...

Hooting?? Oh boy i LOVE that!! Hahahaha, thankyou!!

OX Susan

Gary said...

Hi Susan
It's my turn to commend you.
Magpies have got a wonderful magic sheen that is hard to describe have captured it really well.
On my screen it looks as if the background is shimmering gold, like in an icon, but I guess it is a gorgeous grey of some flavour. I don't know if you can get gold in oils - I have often used it in acrylic to give a special effect.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Gary, thankyou so much. He was a delight to paint. The background is a silver grey with lavender and it photographed a gold.
Yes, you can buy gold and silver in oils!
Thanks again Gary, Im so enjoying your paintings!