Tuesday, November 17


8"x10" oil on board. I have a facination with Crows and Ravens. They are huge beautiful birds. Very wiley and smart. I love their bold black feathers. I love their squawk! We have alot of them here, many trees for them to sit and wait for the peanuts I put out for the Jays. SOLD!


Erin Perry said...

You know how I love your crows! This one has a great expression.
And the birds' nests are beautfiul.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Erin!

You are so sweet and generous to comment.We love our crows don't we? Thankyou so much. I'm working on one now, a crow head painting and also a white raven in clay!! Woo woo! Very mystical. I'll have them up soon.

Thanks so much XO

susan jenkins said...

oh and Erin, I'm so happy you like the "nests" I wasn't sure about them!!!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely painting! So is the pretty rosebud in your sidebar. Best wishes. Lesley

susan jenkins said...

Thankyou Leslie ! I so appreciate you stoping by and making such a nice comment!

XO Susan