Thursday, November 12


6x6" oil on board English Robin ,also called a European Robin.


Gary said...

Hi Susan,
I thought you might be interested to look at my blog over the last few posts to see 'my friend - THE ROBIN', such special birds in the dark days of winter! Here in Wales they seem to disappear over the summer (while they change their clothes) and reappear in full redness just before Christmas.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Gary,

I so enjoyed hearing from you and I did go to your beautiful blog. I LOVE your paintings of the farm houses in Wales. I was there years ago and I was enthralled with it's beauty. It is sad to know what that some of this beauty is disappearing. It is here too sadly.
Loved your photos of the English Robin and hearing about it's change of dress.
Thankyou for writing!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...


Gary said...

Thank you - your very kind