Friday, August 1

A Visit to Pam Derby's

Gayle and I went out to Paso Robles ( wine country)to visit with Pam Derby and see her lovely new home out in the middle of her vinyard "Lauras Vinyard, Derbyshire Farms".
As far as the eye can see in all directions it is gorgeous vinyard with beautiful grape vines. This is a picture of Gayle standing at the edge of Pam's new infinity pool!
Her home is a Craftsman style with windows looking out forever!
I will be doing a small tile repair and painting as at one time that was my business, tiles and murals, ( a really long time ago!).
It was a really fun day, a tour of her beautiful home and lunch by the pool!
Today more playing with an old friend and then I really must knuckle down and get to some art work!!