Wednesday, July 30


It was a truely beautiful day yesterday! Today is my birthday so the girls gave me a party!! So nice and such fun! Vickie's garden is magical and we were sitting on her patio right in the midst of lovingly collected vintage statuary, beautiful flowers and succulents of all variety everywhere. Cascading sweet peas, water flowing from a fountain,nature, nature, nature, ( am I gushing?)nature!

I didn't get much work done, the girls painted working in acrylics and I brought all my tag stuff or so I thought, glue was the biggie forget and Lynn helped out with her "Yes" glue. Great stuff, ever tried it? It is archival and used professionally. I have been using glue sticks from Staples!! Vickie loaned me her special small cutting scissors, a major break thru!!
Too much fun and I should actually have painted because believe it or not tags take much concentration.
We did show and tell and Vickie showed her gorgeous tags and I am more determined than ever to do these! Lynn showed us her extraordinary bead collection, beads from all over the world!

The girls completed many small paintings and I almost completed a tag!!

Thankyou Lynn and Vickie and Gayle for a truely, special,unforgettable day!

Now, to work!!!