Saturday, August 2

Lavender Wand

My dearest childhood friend Annette was here yesterday to spend the day. She has a Lavender farm with her daughter Kim. They both work the farm in a sea of lavender! She brought me this darling hand made lavender wand, made by weaving ribbon in and out of the stems, lovely. It is about 12 inches long. You are supposed to put them in your undie drawer as a sachet. Right now it is in my front room on the coffee table and the fragrance has just filled the room!!
They are making soap and oils and all manner of wonderful lavender specialties.
She said the bees are really coming to the farm in great numbers and we are all so happy about that! She will be adding bee hives soon on the acreage and told me lavender honey is delicious! I can hardly wait!! I know she will share being that she most certainly is my dearest childhood friend!!
Thankyou Annette for a treasured visit and my beautiful lavender wand!!!
XO Susan