Sunday, February 6

BIRD'S and HEART Pique assiette

Birds are 5"x 10.5 Heart is 8"x9" cut potterie on hand made clay tile.

I'm back to work but this time with Piquetiassiette. I love to work with the old plate shards that I cut to fit in a decoratitive motif. Always fun and rewarding. My friends see that I have alot of old and broken pottery to work with. Some pieces I can't bare to clip! You must be ruthless I was told some years ago. you can't fall in love with your materials...oh but I do.Some of you will recognize your gifts of lovely old plates. xo
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Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

They are beautiful,
love the birds......

susan jenkins said...

Hi Julie, thank you!!


vicki said...

they are just beautiful beautiful birds - love these so much!! yes - you do have to be ruthless to break up those plates!!


susan jenkins said...

Thank you Vicki so much ! Oh I'm telling you some of the plates and cups are so beautiful it is a tug.....I much prefer they have a bad crack or a really decent chip and then I can really go for it! hahahaha
xx Susan