Friday, February 11


3.5"x11"  black glazed terra cotta crow. Hand built from terra cotta clay and fired. Wired for hanging.

A flying crow! Hang it on a garden gate or anywhere for that matter! It's large enough to make a statement! Crows are our friends!!


dulcy said...

I love crows! They are definitely our friends, and they pretty much rule the trees where I live. I adore your mosaics, and your beautiful paintings.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Dulcy!

What a wonderful comment! Thankyou so much, I'm so pleased you love crows too!! I'm so happy you like my work!

XO Susan

vicki said...

Oh Ny gosh - I love crows!! We have a crow family that comes every few days to eat out of one of our bird feeders - they are just precious! Love in the spring when they bring the little ones! I love this piece Susan!


susan jenkins said...

A crow family!! How wonderful! Yes, we have so many here and they get close when I feed them. I am in awe of there size and how beautiful they are. I'm happy you like this piece, something fun to hang on a gate!! Thank you Vicki,
xx Susan