Saturday, June 25


8"x8" piqueassiette heart. Hand made clay heart embellished with vintage clipped plates, pottery shards and little hand made pieces. Sealed with a water proof sealer.I have been on a pink and green love trip and I think maybe it is time to venture in to some blues!Well we never know about these things we start out one way and end up another!It's all fun! What are your favorite color combinations? I would love your in put, do pink and green send you? Or is it blue and white or the very French blue and yellow?? Or maybe some other lovely combination!  I'm going shard shopping again soon....the hunt continues!!! SOLD!!


Kathryn Glover said...

Susan. I have never thrown away a broken dish in 30 years! I could send to you some pieces I find special, if you like. The heart I received from you is so special. I'm now uncertain about leaving it OUTSIDE my door. I also fear I might break it, as I do accidentally with other things. I can see in the heart each piece that was specifically cut for its place. And I love the ladybug. te he! I see on etsy you have other hearts. On the question of color preferences, I love pinks, reds, greens (certain variations) and teal or turquoise. Pink really excites me, though. Yellow is a tough one. I was playing with my pastels last night to pinpoint the exact pink or green. It's the combination of those colors I mentioned, for a color does different things to the eyes depending on what it is next to. Kind of like people! It's all relative. Cerulean blue is so warm and comforting. I have been trying to paint using the Munsell color theory, for I like the compliments the compliment of red is turquoise and not green. I tend to babble. But color is what I look forward to seeing every day. ....and my new garden heart. Thank you so much!

susan jenkins said...

I LOve, Love your comment! Thank you sooooo much! I'm so, so happy you love your heart, yes, all the pieces are cut to fit and it is so like a wonderful puzzel. So happy you love it , i'm happy you have it!
If you would like to send me some pieces I would love it and I want to pay you for them and shipping!! I know i would love them! Tes, it is sooo hard to throw a plate away, I used to have a giat plate wall all in blue and white. I moved to a smaller place and gave them to my kids. If I had them now they would probably be hearts!hahahaha. I love your color combo's, pretty much the same as mine. I agree about cerulean, so beautiful, i use alot of thaylo and white for a punch. Yes, i did try the Munsell color theory, I reverted back to what i know but it is very worthwhile.Yes, yellow, tho i love it is difficult to use.Color,color, I love it too!
I LOVE your paintings and some day soon I will own one.
Thanks so much for your very special note,
xx Susan

GardenofDaisies (Gayle) said...

Susan, your hearts are just gorgeous!!! It is wonderful when something broken can be made new, and bring so much beauty to the world.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Gayle! Thank you very much, I'm so pleased with your comment, yes, making something new from something broken, a renewal! The shards are so beautiful, I want to do them justice, thank you again.
xx Susan

Sharon said...

Hi Susan, crazy way to ask for the best email address to reach you. Did you receive both of my emails sent yesterday? The long one was about your painted purses? I used Charter there a better address. Thanks....and I love this heart. You should make CARDS from your pieces. I still have my little lily pond by my desk!!! Smiles: Sharon